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What is the Prayer Path

For centuries and throughout all cultures, a laybrinth has been used as a tool to help  seekers find their way through life and to the Father of of us all. 

Our labyrinth was designed like the Chartres Labyrinth created in the 13th centuary in France.  The labyrinth was used as a way to fullfill a vow to visit the holy land. 

There are 3 separate prayer paths. The upper path is wooded and is 1 mile long. The lower path complete with brook, transformation bridge and hilly wooded terrain provides a serene way to commune with nature. The third path traverses the meadow leading to the labyrinth.     

The labyrinth is a meditative path that has 1 entry that leads you to the center. As you walk, find your own pace, let the world drop away and turn inward to what you are feeling and thinking. In the center, pause, reflect and be open to the whispers of your heart and of God's message to you.