What is a labyrinth?  A labyrinth is a meandering path with a singular path leading to a center.  Walking the labyrinth can be experienced as a metaphor for your own spiritual journey with all its twists, turns, and meandering.  

How are they used? People walk the labyrinth for many reasons. Some do it to relax, some as a walking meditation/prayer and some just for fun.

How do you walk it?  The point is not to figure out how to get to the center but how to take the next step with God. Focus on simply the journey and not the destination.  Start at the entrance and proceed along the path.

What do I think about while walking?  Breath deeply and consciously as you walk the labyrinth.  Take note of all the things you're experiencing, including the sun or breeze on your skin, feel the texture beneath your feet, notice sounds about you such as birds singing, trees rustling etc. 

How will I know that I am doing it right? There is no “right or wrong” way to walk a labyrinth. Walk the labyrinth with an open heart, an open mind and ask God to walk with you.